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Our Aluminum Alloy Application Fields
Guoxin has provided a large quantity of aluminum and aluminum alloy pipes, aluminum alloy bars, and aluminum alloy profiles for aerospace industry, which have been used in Shenzhou spacecraft, carrier rocket, and other national aviation projects.

CRRC, the China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation, to which Guoxin has provided a wide range of aluminum alloy profiles for the high-speed trains.

Guoxin has also provided aluminum alloy pipes for oil drilling, and super-hard aluminum alloy rods used for textile machinery.

Guoxin has offered high-quality aluminum alloy frames and brackets for Huanghe Hydropower Development Company, Qaidam Corporation, China Power Investment Corporation, and other photovoltaic companies. Besides, Guoxin has provided quality aluminum alloy plates for a variety of construction companies in Lanzhou Metro and Haidong City.

  • Aluminum Alloy for Manchester Jet aircraft
  • Aluminum Alloy for Aerospace project
  • Aluminum Alloy for use in aerospace industry
  • Aluminum Alloy for making High-speed EMU
  • Aluminum Alloy for High-speed train
  • Aluminum Alloy for Textile machinery
  • Aluminum Alloy for applications in petroleum industry
  • Aluminum Alloy for Ground support of solar power system
  • Aluminum Alloy for Photovoltaic power generation system
  • Aluminum Alloy Plates for construction
  • Aluminum Alloy Plates for construction

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