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Our Equipment
Guoxin has been dedicated to processing aluminum alloy with high-precision and high-strength, these anti-corrosive aluminum alloy products such as aluminum alloy sheet, aluminum alloy bars, and aluminum profiles , which can be made from 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 4000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series and 7000 series aluminium alloy, which can be widely applied for aircraft material, oil drilling tools, military equipment , and heavy equipment industry, etc.

The processing capacity of Guoxin relies on our well qualified manufacturing and testing equipment, which can be classified as aluminum alloy ingot casting machine, melting furnaces, extrusion press, cold processing devices, and testing equipment.

Technology Center
Guoxin has established a technology center (central laboratory), which has been assessed as Qinghai Engineering and Technology Center. Here, we have equipped a complete set of testing equipment, including the optical emission spectroscopy and plasma spectrometer from America, the atomic absorption spectrophotometer from England, the metallographic microscope and image analyzer from Carl Zeiss, the universal tester from Shimadzu, and the cross-section measurement system from Israel.

Supported by this technology center, Guoxin owns the capacity in conducting chemical composition analysis, microstructure inspection, and mechanical properties tests for our aluminum alloy products as aluminum alloy pipes, aluminum alloy plates, aluminum alloy rods, and aluminum alloy profiles, etc.

To guarantee and improve the quality of our aluminum alloy products, Guoxin is putting a lot of effort in developing new products, new techniques and new materials.
1. Our project ‘Development of Aluminum Alloy Short Forming Technology', which was under the charge of South China University of Technology and conducted cooperatively by Guoxin and other 6 units, has been included in the 12th Five-Year National Science and technology support program.
2. The development and application of intensive aluminum alloy hollow ingot with multiple level hot top casting project has been accepted by the Science and Technology Department of Qinghai Province, and recognized as having reached domestic leading level, filling a vacancy in this industry in China.
3. The project of‘Development and Application of 5083 Aluminum Alloy for Casting Ingot' has passed the national inspection and was identified as an innovative program having reached domestic leading level.

1. Our company can produce aluminum alloy hollow casting ingots with diameters of φ460/192, φ460 /152, φ260/83, and φ260/122, etc.
2. In Guoxin, the dimension of primary crystal silicon of 4032 aluminum alloy used for piston is only 0.0079mm, 10 times smaller than the domestic standards of 0.08mm.
3. We using the hot-top casting technique to produce ultra-hard aluminum alloy φ592mm solid round casting ingots. Our casting technique for φ460*15.2 hollow ingots has reached domestic leading level.
4. The high-strength and ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy 2A12, aluminum alloy 2024, aluminum alloy 7A04, and aluminum alloy 7075 have been put into production and applications, among which the mechanical performance of our 2000 series and 7000 series Aluminum Alloy is at least 20% higher than the national standards.

Professional Team
Talents are the one of the most powerful factors driving a company ahead. So Guoxin has collected tens of experts to establish a professional technological team. Apart from that, we value staff training: each employee must undergo strict and systematic train before they work.

Guoxin is taking an active part in enhancing communication and cooperation with peers, and till now, we have established deep cooperation with many well-known colleges and corporations in research, training, production, marketing, among other fields.

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