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Guoxin History

In April 2006
Qinghai Guoxin Aluminum Industry Company was established, a stock company mainly for making aluminum alloy pipes, aluminum alloy rods and aluminum alloy profiles. In the same month, the Qinghai Communist Party of China Provincial Committee Secretary, the vice governor, and the Mayor of Xijing came for inspection.

In September 2007
Our company started to assemble the 36MN extrusion press.

In October 2007
Our 2100USTon, 2600USTon extrusion presses were on the progress of assembly. At the same time, we hold a meeting for exchanging technology about 55MN, 28MN aluminum extrusion projects.

In January 2008
The 36MN, 2600Uston, 2100USTon aluminum extrusion machine was put into production.

In 12th May, 2008
Our company has passed the ISO9001:2000 certification.

In September 2008
We hold opening ceremony acting as the Secondary Class Confidentiality Qualification Company.

In November 2008
We introduced the 28MN double-action indirect extrusion machine from SMS Siemag.

In December 2009
Our company had test successively of 100MN double-action direct extrusion machine, which has extruded large-diameter aluminum alloy pipes for our customers.

In January 2010
Our company had produced Φ460x111mm hollow casting ingots made of 6005A aluminum alloy, and 2A12 aluminum alloy for the first time.

In 18th May, 2010
Our company had made Φ178mm 2A12 aluminum alloy casting rods, by doing this we have overcome the difficulty in casting 2000 series aluminum alloy.

In 20th February, 2011
Our company had made Φ260x83mm 6A02 aluminum alloy hollow casting ingots successfully.

In April 2011
Guoxin had overcome difficulties in manufacturing of 7049-T6511 aluminum alloy pipes with diameters of Φ136x127x4.5mm.

In 25th April 2011
Guoxin had our new chairman and general manager, Nan Haihao.

In May 2011
Guoxin had overcome difficulties of in making 7A04-T6 aluminum alloy profiles with diameters of GXC7081 108x70mm.

In 25th November, 2011
Guoxin company has passed the ISO9001:2008 certification.

In April, 2012
Guoxin company had produced Φ456x192mm hollow casting ingots made of 2000 series aluminum alloy, 5000 series aluminum alloy or 6000 series aluminum alloy. At the same time, our company has made Φ210x5mm 5052-O aluminum alloy pipes, a kind of large-diameter thin-wall seamless pipes.

In 15th May, 2012
Our company had used 100MN double-action extrusion machine for making Φ360x340x10 large size seamless 6082 aluminum alloy pipes.

In 4th June, 2012
Guoxin company had tried to produce Φ46 7A04 aluminum alloy rods and bars successfully.

In 13th July, 2012
Guoxin company had made Φ605mmx350mm 6061 aluminum alloy and 5083 aluminum alloy hollow casting ingots for the first time.

In 2nd November, 2012
Guoxin company had made 260x5mm 5052-O aluminum alloy pipes for the time successfully, a kind of thin-wall large size seamless pipe.

In 16th September, 2013
In the Baihe casting workshop of Guoxin, we had tried to manufacture φ178 6000 series aluminum alloy casting rods successfully for the first time.

In 1st August, 2015
Guoxin hold the 2015 trade fair for the aluminum alloy products.

In 2015
Guoxin company was invited to attend the 2nd of China International Aluminum Casting Meeting.

In 23rd November 2015
Guoxin company had passed the examination as the company with manufacturing process according to the military standard.

In 2016
Guoxin had produced the Rare Earth Zinc-Aluminum alloy 7055A aluminum alloy casting rods with diameter of Φ229, as well as Magnesium alloy pipes, alloy bars, and alloy profiles.

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