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3000 Series Aluminum Alloy

Aluminium-manganese alloy has high strength and heat resistance. The 3000 series aluminum alloy is AL-Mn series alloy, a kind of rust-proof aluminum alloy with good metal forming and welding performance. The 3000 series aluminum alloy can be applied for making low-load spare parts working in liquid or gas medium, like oil tank, gasoline pipe, oil conduit, liquid container, as well as other small-load components made by deep drawing.

Our company provides:
The 3000 series aluminum alloy products of our company mainly include aluminum alloy pipes and tubes.

Our company can make 3000 series aluminum alloy with applications as follows:
Aluminum Alloy Grade Applications
3003 Aluminum Alloy 3003 aluminum alloy is used for making components of high corrosion resistance and good welding performance, including kitchen utensils, food storage container, chemical processing device, chemical storage container, liquid transfer tank, pressure vessels, pipelines, etc. Inquiry
3A21 Aluminum Alloy 3A21 aluminum alloy is used for making aircraft fuel tank, oil duct, aluminum rivet, construction materials, food equipment, etc. Inquiry
3004 Aluminum Alloy 3004 aluminum alloy is used for making aluminum cans, chemical tank, chemical storage container, thin sheet metal fabrication parts, construction machining parts, construction tools, lighting fixture components, also for making accessories with strength requirement higher than 3003 aluminum alloy. Inquiry
3105 Aluminum Alloy 3105 aluminum alloy is suitable for making room divider, portable dwelling, prefabricated house, gutter, downspouts, sheet metal fabricated parts , bottle cap, bottle stoppers, etc. Inquiry

Features of 3000 Series Aluminum Alloy
1 This 3000 series aluminum alloy has strength a little higher than 1000 series aluminum, so cold processing instead of heat treatment is ideal for enhancing its mechanical performance. This aluminum alloy has high corrosion resistance, good welding performance, but maybe poor cutting performance. During annealing, the 3xxx series aluminum alloy can be well hardened, and also can be shaped in half-cold temperature, but it will not easily to harden the aluminum alloy using cold aluminum alloy material.

2 The 3000 series aluminum alloy has good forming performance, good weldability and corrosion resistance, it is used for making components with metal strength higher than 1000 series aluminum alloy, such as kitchen cookware, food container, chemical equipment, liquid tank, pressure vessel, heat sink, makeup board, photocopier roller, marine use aluminum sheet, etc.

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