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6000 Series Aluminum Alloy

Al-Mg-Si alloy with medium strength, named as 6000 series aluminum alloy, has corrosion resistant performance, welding performance and easy processing performance. The 6000 series aluminum alloy products of our company mainly include aluminum alloy pipes, aluminum alloy rods and bars, aluminum alloy plates and aluminum alloy profiles.

Here are descriptions about 6000 series aluminum alloy elements as follows:
1. The major alloying elements are Mg and Si, forming an Mg2Si phase.
2. If there is a certain amount of Mn and Cr in the aluminum alloy, it will neutralize the bad effect of iron.
3. Sometimes we add little Cu or Zinc to enhance the aluminum alloy's strength, also with good corrosion resistance.
4. For making conductive materials, there will be little Cu added in the aluminum alloy, to reduce the Iron conductivity influence caused by Titanium.
5. Zr and Ti can make fine crystal structure and work to control the recrystallization structure.
6. Pb and Bi can be added into aluminum alloy to improve the cutting performance.
7. By dissolving Mg2Si in Aluminum, this aluminum alloy can be strengthened and hardened.

Our company can make 6000 series aluminum alloy with applications as follows:
Aluminum Alloy Grade Applications
6061 Aluminum Alloy 6061 aluminum alloy is used for making industrial structures with high strength, such as aluminum alloy pipes, bars, plates and profiles for trucks, tower building, ships, light rail vehicle, furniture, machine parts, precision machining, etc. Inquiry
6A02 Aluminum Alloy 6A02 aluminum alloy is used for making aircraft engine parts, complex shaped forging parts, die forging parts, etc. Inquiry
6082 Aluminum Alloy 6082 aluminum alloy is used for making high strength and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy products with weldability, such as aviation fixtures, trucks, tower buildings, ships, pipelines. This aluminum alloy can also be used to make aircraft parts, camera lenses, couplers, marine accessories and hardware, electronic fittings and connectors, decorative hardware, hinge head, brake piston, water pistons, electrical appliance accessories, valves and valve parts. Inquiry
6005 Aluminum Alloy 6005 aluminum alloy is used for making extruded aluminum profiles and pipes, also for making structural parts requiring strength higher than 6063 aluminum alloy, like ladder, TV antenna, etc. Inquiry
6009 Aluminum Alloy 6009 aluminum alloy is used to make car body panels Inquiry
6010 Aluminum Alloy 6010 aluminum alloy is applied for making aluminum alloy sheet as car body panels. Inquiry
6063 Aluminum Alloy 6063 aluminum alloy is used for making construction profiles, agricultural irrigation pipe, and aluminum extrusions for vehicles, platforms, furniture, and fences. Inquiry
6066 Aluminum Alloy 6066 aluminum alloy is used as forging and welded structure extrusion materials. Inquiry
6070 Aluminum Alloy 6070 aluminum alloy is applied for making aluminum extrusions and pipes for heavy duty welded structure, automobile and industrial uses. Inquiry
6101 Aluminum Alloy 6101 aluminum alloy is used for making high-strength metal bars for bus, electrical conductors and radiator products. Inquiry
6151 Aluminum Alloy 6151 aluminum alloy is used to make die forging crankshaft parts, machine parts, rolling rings, of which the aluminum alloy has high strength, good forging performance and corrosion resistance. Inquiry
6201 Aluminum Alloy 6201 aluminum alloy is used for making high-strength conductive materials and wires. Inquiry
6205 Aluminum Alloy 6205 aluminum alloy is used to make thick plates, pedals and high impact-resistant aluminum alloy extrusions. Inquiry
6262 Aluminum Alloy 6262 aluminum alloy is applied for making high stress threaded parts with corrosion resistance higher than 2011 aluminum alloy and 2017 aluminum alloy. Inquiry
6351 Aluminum Alloy 6351 aluminum alloy is used to make automotive extruded structural parts, water and oil pipeline, etc.

6463 Aluminum Alloy 6463 aluminum alloy is for making construction profiles and various equipment profiles, bright automobile decorative parts by using anodizing aluminum surface treatment. Inquiry
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